First Personal Exhibition in Berlin


Sevinç Çiftci opens his first solo show in Germany at Frauenkreis Berlin on October 5, 2018, following a mixed exhibition in Nuremberg in 2016.

Workshop Kadıköy


Sevinç Çiftci, who recently decided to move his workshops in Istanbul Beşktaş to Kadıköy, continues to work at his workshop in Yeldeğirmeni.

  Oil Paint

Mixed Technique




Was born in İstanbul in 1976. She graduatef in 1997 from the department of Teaching Arts  in the Faculty of Education, Marmara university. She worked as an art director for television and movie industry for ten years. She gaved lectures at Türvak  Cinema and Television School about art direction. In 2008 she completed the Drama Leadership Program at the Oluşum Drama İnstitude and conducted a course on Art Movements and Drama in the same institution. She performed drama workshops with children in many biennials and festivals. She completed his studies at the "Florence Academy of Art Summer Session" in Italy in 2012 and her  works were featured in national and international painting exhibitions. She started his graduate program at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Painting, which she started in 2014, and continues to work at her studio in Istanbul.

From the Last Personal Exhibition

Inside Out  / Ters Yüz - 2018 Berlin